Have you received a WhatsApp message from Ernest Gordon?

Please be aware that there is a current WhatsApp scam targeting job seekers. The scammers may contact you with an enticing job offer at the same time trying to extract some personal information or even in some cases ask for payment. We are aware that this is a nationwide scam affecting many recruiters in the UK.

Some tips to help you spot fraudulent messages: 

  • It’s a message you were not expecting. 
  • It comes from a number or email address you don’t recognise.
  • The email is a generic address.
  • It contains a link – do not click this. 
  • They are asking for money or contact details.
  • You are offered the job without an interview. 
  • You are asked to complete tasks or answer questions. 
  • The message includes grammar errors and spelling errors. 

We apologise for the inconvenience; we are unable to stop these crimes however please be assured that we are reporting these. 

What to do:

If someone contacts, you on WhatsApp claiming to be from Ernest Gordon please follow the steps below: 

You can contact Ernest Gordon if you have been targeted by someone pretending to be from the office. See more details here regarding our Privacy Policy.