Working in cloud computing – could it be the job for you?

Looking for an IT job with sky-high demand and excellent possibilities for career growth? A cloud computing job might just be the one for you.

Here are some often-overlooked advantages of working in cloud computing – a field that’s exciting, varied, growing, and promises fantastic job security:

Could cloud computing be the job for you?

1) Do you want a role that can take you anywhere?

Cloud computing is everywhere these days. In every corner of business, you will find experts in the cloud and software that’s driving success in it:

In creative fields – graphic designers, artists, and content creators of all kinds use the cloud to collaborate.

-In marketing and advertising – cloud technologies are often used to gather the data analysts need to drive sales.

-In business strategy – again, the data and insights cloud computing software generates are vital.

What’s more, these are roles that can be found in almost every business of almost any size. This is because cloud technology scales easily – it’s one of its major advantages.

As a result, if you have skills or experience in the cloud, you can find work almost anywhere. From the world’s leading firms in every sector to SMEs and startups in thrilling new fields.

2) Do you want a career that could be easier to break into?

If you’re aiming to make a career change to IT (or between fields inside the industry), cloud computing represents a great choice.

Not only does it have the advantages listed here, but it also offers numerous ways to demonstrate that you have the kind of skills that will let you do the job.

Qualifications have value, of course. Many job descriptions will list the ones a prospective employer requires. Don’t get downhearted if you don’t have them though. Many employers will value relevant experience here – or related problem-solving skills

You might also be able to leverage your soft skills to back up any direct cloud computing experience. This can help show you have equivalent ability to someone with a qualification.

It’s also often thought that the cloud is a career for “the young”. Don’t let this myth put you off a career change if you’re older. A steady head and other relevant experience from your working life can be just as valued in cloud computing if you’re coming from a past in a different industry.

3) Do you want to be in a sector that’s in demand and growing?

At the present moment, you will find employers with cloud computing jobs available in almost any industry you care to name.

This demand is only going to grow. Many companies are planning – or will eventually be compelled to go through – their digital transformation. This means being on the cloud.

In turn, this will see IT professionals with cloud skills be in even greater demand in years to come.

If you already know what you’re talking about when it comes to the cloud, it could be the gateway to top positions like cloud engineer or cloud architect as demand continues to rise.

It’s not just exciting responsibilities on offer in those more senior and varied cloud computing jobs though. There’s also the potential for a large and reliable pay packet to go home with at the end of each month.

Does any of this sound appealing? If so, why not learn about cloud computing jobs you won’t find elsewhere?

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