The exciting launch of Neon – Inspiring the next generation

It was previously reported that the UK Engineering Industry will need an extra 1.8 million fully trained workers by 2025. This is the perfect time for the younger generation to join the Engineering sector. Or for those seeking a career change to truly consider whether the Engineering sector is something for them.

Was the shortage of young people pursuing a career in engineering because there was a lack of exposure to engineering technology related subjects at school. It was certainly only something that came up towards the end of secondary school, and by then most of the desire to take up a career in this field has already passed.

Engineering is a great career with many varied jobs from Infrastructure jobs, Operations, Mechanical Production jobs to Pharmaceutical laboratory technicians’ positions and many more. It is important to us and other organisations that a career in engineering is accessible for the younger generation. We work many roles for Trainees and Graduates. We speak with successful Managers and Directors who regularly say, ‘I started here as an Apprentice, Trainee or Graduate and now look at me’.  


A new website has recently been launched to inspire, engage, and inform the next generation of Engineers. The website Neon by EngineeringUK brings together the best experiences and career resources to help teachers bring STEM to life with real world examples of engineering.

As a non-profit organisation the goal of EngineeringUK is to inspire and increase the number of people and diversity or young people choosing academic and vocational pathways into engineering by creating Neon.

According to the Neon website, “All experiences featured on Neon will meet our quality criteria so teachers can be sure they are of the best possible standard. The quality criteria have been developed with the engineering community and only those experiences that meet the criteria feature on the site. For example, experiences must include positive and contemporary messaging about engineering and engineering careers, they should be inclusive in design and delivery and committed to embedding learning and improvement.”

Neon is powered by the team behind Big Bang and Tomorrow’s Engineers, working in partnership with the engineering community to inspire the next generation. Engaging children from an early age can only be a positive . What an exciting website and platform this is for educators. Hopefully, these inspired children will be future employees within the STEM sector.

At Ernest Gordon we have placed many Graduates and Trainees and continue to do so. We currently have positions available for Graduates and Trainees within the STEM sector. Please have a look here for current positions.