The Engineering Industry still hiring despite COVID – 19

Many companies are still recruiting even during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

For many individual businesses and recruitment as a whole, it’s been a tough time. Some people may have been able to switch over to working from home. But for many others, the pandemic means being “furloughed” on reduced pay. Or looking for a new job in a crowded field.

Because currently, the number of job adverts being posted online is only around 70% of those posted this time last year.

There are a few bright points though. Several sectors have actually seen demand for the goods and services they offer increase. If you’re looking for a job during COVID-19, here’s a handy list of sectors which are still hiring even during the pandemic:

Sectors still hiring during COVID-19

1) Pharmaceuticals and life sciences

As the coronavirus crisis continues, the pharmaceuticals industry has been crying out for people to fill everything from lab technician jobs to contract sales manager positions.

The industry needs people for every stage of the drug development life-cycle. Starting with lab work right through to delivery drivers and other logistics staff.

This is a trend which is likely to continue as vaccines are created and deployed and other medical needs continue to be highlighted by the virus crisis.

2) Packaging

Some companies in the packaging industry are continuing product engineer and project manager recruitment as well as trying to fill a variety of other roles.

Demand for packaging seems to be staying relatively steady or even rising in some sectors – such as online deliveries – during the crisis.

3) Food

From Health and Safety Engineer (HSE) jobs to manufacturing recruitment, the food industry as a whole continues to thrive and have a steady requirement for more staff during the pandemic.

4) Construction and building materials

The construction industry resisted stopping work during the first UK coronavirus lockdown and recruitment looks steady, if slightly reduced, during the second.

Indeed, engineering recruitment, in particular, still makes the “shortage list”. This is the list of jobs which the UK government looks favourably on people who want to move to the UK being qualified in because there is an acknowledged shortfall of qualified people.

5) IT

With so many of us relying on the internet and related technologies more than ever before, it’s no surprise that the IT industry is recruiting at record levels.

Web programming and graphic design also make the shortage list, meaning they’re still in high demand across the UK.

6) Supply chain

During the COVID pandemic, comments that “supply chains have been pushed to their limit” seem to be never far from newsreaders’ lips.

Consequently, many logistics companies have everything from manufacturing engineer and production manager jobs to delivery driver positions available.

Searching for a job during coronavirus

Looking for a job during the pandemic can be an uphill struggle. Keep working at it. With a little help, you’ll get there.

If you’re looking for a technical or engineering job during the pandemic, Ernest Gordon can help you.

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