Mo Bros


As we approach the middle of November, the boys and men proudly sporting moustaches are growing – ranging from handlebars, great bushy ones, and the wispy thin attempts!

The reason for this is not an attempt to shield their upper lips from the windy weather dawning upon us…No! It is the annual event of Movember.

The point of Movember is to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, centred around mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer, with the slogan “Stop men dying too young”.

Movember opens the pathway of conversation surrounding these topics- which are often viewed as taboo. Do you really think your colleagues wouldn’t ask why on earth you’ve suddenly chosen to sway from your classic sharp clean-shaven look?!

The movement was started by two men in Australia who wanted to bring back the moustache, all while raising money for a worthwhile cause.

Growing a ‘Mo’ can also be partnered with the challenge of running or walking 60km over the month of November – 60km for the 60 men who commit suicide every hour across the world.

Since the Movember movement was created in 2004, it has grown enormously. Awareness has spread and more initiatives have been set up to inform men of the importance of discussing and acting on health issues.

We’ve found that embarking on Movember as a group in the workforce can be a great and engaging way to boost group morale and spirit!

Some websites we have found useful include:


The official Movember website supplies all concerning the movement, including mental health advice, and links to their podcast.

Prostate Matters

This not-for-profit organisation provides free, extensive information surrounding prostate issues

So, going to take the challenge and join the ‘Mo-Bros’ next November?