Interview Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

We have been listening to our consultants on the phones at Ernest Gordon Recruitment giving out some interview tips, here is the best advice we have to help you!

Whether you are interviewing for the position of Design Engineer or Laboratory Technician, this is your opportunity to sell yourself, remember to always make a good first impression and be prepared. The more prepared you are, the confident you will be.

Interview DO’S

Timekeeping – try to arrive 10 minutes early for your interview, however, do not be too early! If you can do a trial run, plan the trip especially if it is an unfamiliar location.

If you are delayed for any reason, do the courteous thing and contact the organisation to make them aware.

First Impressions – this is very important, make sure you are well dressed and look professional. Shake hands and smile! Take a copy of your CV with you and make sure you are confident with what’s on that CV.

Preparation – Do your homework on the company, this will show your interest in the business. Look online at their website and the news to widen your research and see what the media is saying about the company. Make sure you know the history of the person interviewing you. Think of questions to ask the employer about the organisation to show your interest.

Also, think about the questions that a potential employer will ask you. Take time to rehearse some valid and well-structured responses.

Listen and be confident – really listen to the questions being asked. Be clear and direct in your response. Make sure to reflect on past work experience, try not to leave anything out. Be clear and concise when giving an answer. Try to be assertive and confident and make sure you express a real interest in the position. Make it clear you want that job!

Sell you – communicate your strengths, try not to walk away, and think I should have said this or that. Highlight your strengths that are relevant to that position.

Finally – thank the interviewer for their time and considering you for the role.

Interview Don’ts

We have also highlighted some interview faux paus!

Negativity – Don’t be negative! This is a big no. It is likely that the interviewer will assume you will do this to them. They may also question your professionalism. Being aggressive or arrogant, having a negative attitude can ruin chances of being successful.

Lie – you’ll be surprised how easy it is to pick up on a lie, be it from body language, social media or a little bit of research. Answer questions truthfully and be as close to the point as possible. If you are asked a question which focuses on a weakness of yours rather than a strength, turn this around into a positive. Explain how you would be willing to learn or work on this.

Unprepared – not knowing anything about the company or having a vague response can really highlight the lack of preparation and the recruiter may think that you are not interested in the job.

Too relaxed – it maybe that the interviewer has suggested meeting for a coffee first or a brief telephone interview. Remember, try not to be too relaxed, they are still assessing you and whether you would be the right fit for the job role.

Interrupting – Listen to the questions being asked, do not interrupt. Make sure to show you can listen as well as being a good communicator.

Don’t sulk – whether you’ve recently lost your job or chosen to leave for one reason or another. Treat it as a new opportunity. Do not let past rejections impact new opportunities.  Make sure you are 100% ready for the interview.

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