Information security jobs: is cybersecurity in demand in the UK?

Information security jobs are currently in huge demand in the UK. Around half of all UK organisations currently have a cybersecurity skills gap.

This is a big problem. Because the UK government found in a recent report that almost 1 in 3 UK businesses suffered some sort of cyberattack or data security breach in 2023.

If you’re thinking about getting into cybersecurity as a career though, this is great news.

Because salaries across the sector are going up and the demand is likely to mean you could have a number of options to choose from. Let’s take a look in more detail:

What is cybersecurity?

In a cybersecurity role, your main job is likely to involve protecting the organisation you work for – or other organisations if your company delivers cybersecurity services – from cyberattacks.

These attacks vary in scope and type, but the overall goal of cybercriminals is usually to steal valuable data from an organisation’s computer system that can usually be turned around for profit. It’s your job to stop them.

Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and severity every year. It doesn’t help that many businesses still lag behind in instituting basic protections.

As a cybersecurity expert, it will be your job to assess, plan, and implement a better cybersecurity posture for specific systems.

What is the salary for cybersecurity jobs?

Even an entry-level cybersecurity job can attract a starting salary of between £25,000 and £40,000.

The average UK cybersecurity salary is around £55 000 and, at the top end of the scale, salaries of around £78 000 and beyond are not uncommon.

There can also be additional compensation that can add up to anywhere from around £3000 to around £14 000.

All in all, it’s a financially solid career choice if you’re interested in IT jobs but not sure where to start. It’s also a career that is in huge demand and likely to remain that way.

Is cybersecurity in demand in the UK?

Yes. That UK government report revealed that in 2023 there were:

160 035 cyber security job postings in the UK

-This is up 30% from 2022

-37% of those vacancies were “hard to fill”

-An estimated 50% of UK businesses have a cybersecurity knowledge gap

-Around 33% have an advanced cybersecurity knowledge gap

How to get into cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a relatively recent development as a career. This can make it a little difficult to understand how to get into it. You have a few options:

*Start in a junior role – the post-graduate route into the field will typically require a degree (most likely in computer science or a related field). You can then earn experience in a junior role.

*Build your technical skills first – if you’re considering a career change into Information Technology, you will likely need to expand your technical skills before you can apply for a position. You might not need a degree but you will need some knowledge.

*Cybersecurity apprenticeships – exist and are growing in number. Like many apprenticeships, they can be less well-remunerated. But they do get you into the field and earning experience with training from day one.

It is worth remembering that because of the shortage of cybersecurity experts, many employers will be looking for eagerness in potential recruits and may place greater value on the kind of transferable skills that candidates from a non-technical background might possess.

Information security jobs – a good time to apply

There has rarely been a better time to apply for cybersecurity jobs. Demand is high. Salaries are going up to reflect this.

If you think you might be suited to this engaging and varied career, where up-to-the-minute knowledge pays dividends, now is the ideal time to look into it.

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