Engineering jobs focus: mechanical design engineer

Mechanical design engineer jobs are desirable for many reasons. Firstly, the pay cheque is good. But more than that, there are strong career and professional growth prospects and solid job stability.

It can also be an interesting and varied job. You might be designing everything from tiny components to entire mechanical systems for buildings. You might be involved in any part of the design process or follow a product from concept to installation and even provide testing.

If you’re considering a career as a mechanical design engineer, here is a focus on the job in brief:

What does a mechanical design engineer do?

As a mechanical design engineer, it is your job to design and sometimes analyse, install, and maintain products, parts and components, machines, and structures or systems.

This often calls for part design or material selection, requiring good materials science knowledge. Often, in the design phase, you will be using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create, modify, and test the designs.

Mechanical design engineer jobs can cover a wide variety of different project types and scales and be needed in a broad array of industries. This makes it a potentially very varied career, though you might choose to specialise in fields such as:

* Research and development of specific parts, systems, or industries

*Data analysis or system improvement

*Sustainable system design

*Construction and building regulations

*Client, architect, or contractor liaison

What makes a good mechanical design engineer?

Good mechanical design engineers have certain talents and take the time to train and hone their abilities in several key areas. These include:

*Technical and analytical skills, specifically as applied to mechanical systems

*Strong decision-making skills as important choices need to be made on a daily basis

*Mathematics and physics knowledge and qualifications

*Advanced computer skills, including knowledge of CAD software

*“Soft” skills like problem-solving, curiosity, and creativity

This is in addition to the strong communication skills, the ability to use your own initiative or work as part of a team, and the focus on detail that are so important for almost any engineering career.

Engineering recruitment – what you need to get hired

Mechanical design engineers need trained technical understanding and knowledge. This means that, while it is possible that a company may accept applicants without, you will likely need to have certain qualifications to apply for most mechanical design engineer jobs, such as:

*A Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

*A BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree

*A BSc Building Services Engineering bachelor’s degree

*An MEng Mechanical Engineering master’s degree

Advancing your career in mechanical design and engineering

If you are in or just about to start your career in mechanical design and engineering, there are several key organisations you can join to get support and access great opportunities that can be good for your career. These include:

*IMechE (the Institution of Mechanical Engineers)

*CIBSE (the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers)

You can also work with a specialist recruiter to try and find career progression options that you might not otherwise have considered.

Being a mechanical design engineer means you have skills that can be applied to a wide variety of products and systems and step into a whole range of industries.

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