Choose to inspire

Choose to inspire

Simon Sinek is a name cropping up more and more in the business world. His Ted Talk soared to success as he discussed the reasons why companies such as Apple are miles high above their competitors.

In light of his most recent book, ‘The Infinite Game’, we thought we’d share with you a little of what we’ve learnt from Sinek so far, and our own evaluation of his ideas.

In his book ‘Start with Why’, Ted Talks sensation Simon Sinek discusses the important and intriguing question of why and how some people and their organisations are soaring above others.

Here at Ernest Gordon Recruitment, we understand that existing and succeeding as a company today requires inspiring leaders, drive and dedication. In ‘Start with Why’, Sinek provides his key for individuals to inspire and lead others.

Sinek starts by pointing out the ways in which businesses tend to engage and attract customers, whether that be client to customer, boss to employee or political candidate to voter, to name a few.

Tactics such as promotions, price cuts and promises to fulfil aspirations are all the first port of call for most businesses.

Of course, these strategies all have their place – they are engaging and tempting with instantaneous effect – but are they suitable for long-term success?

In short -no. Manipulative tactics are expensive, hard to upkeep and short-sighted. The reason for this is that they do not promote loyalty.

Loyalty is essential to grow and nurture a company and lead it to success. It is not easily won, but the benefits speak for themselves.

Businesses retaining loyal customers have:

  • Reduced costs
  • Peace of mind
  • Returning customers
  • The satisfaction of knowing they have successfully inspired and motivated their clients

The upmost tactic that businesses can use to gain loyalty, says Sinek, is starting with Why.

 By first explaining its purpose and why they believe in their product or service, a business immediately engages its target audience with the company aims and values.

Companies generally tend to advertise what they do, before explaining the reasoning behind it, and how they do it.

Thinking from the inside out is the way inspired companies and leaders act, and the reason that they are often the most successful.

This way of thinking and communicating, named the Golden Circle, encourages loyalty, as individuals are keen to emotionally and physically invest in values and passions.

It creates momentum as human beings are inspired to engage with something with a true meaning behind it.

On the flip side, leaders, too, are far more likely to deliver an outstanding service if they know why they believe in it so much.

We believe that the most important takeaway from Sinek’s book is that emotions play a key part in success.

By appealing to people’s emotions, companies and individuals are more likely to get them on board. The initial emotive connection is the important part – the results (people buying your product or service) are just the effect of the connection. 

In considering Simon Sinek’s approach of starting with why, we’ve discovered it can apply to more than just our work-life.

Thinking about why we do something can help us to restore our energy in the mundane tasks which take up much of our days. The school run, for example, is time consuming and stressful, but when we think about why we do it – to allow our children to get essential education – we are hit with a wave of enthusiasm and energy.

At Ernest Gordon, we started an honest recruitment service because we believe clients and candidates deserve a transparent and straight-forward experience throughout the recruiting process.

We have found that we are able to stay consistent with our service because every day we know why we are doing what we do.

Source: Sinek (2009, Portfolio Penguin)