6 ways to make your engineering recruitment agency work for you

Signing up with the right recruitment agency is a smart move if you’re looking for a new job.

For a start, you now have an agent looking for positions on your behalf. This could save you a lot of time and energy.

Secondly, not all jobs get placed directly on the market. Sometimes, your recruiter can have a channel that gets you considered for a role you might not otherwise have known about.

But building a good relationship with your recruitment company is vital. Especially in a technical field like manufacturing or engineering, where recruitment can be very competitive.

Here are some top tips to get the best from any engineering or manufacturing recruitment agency.

Getting the best from your engineering recruitment company

1) Form a working relationship

Take the time to try to connect with your recruiter a little. If you feel they understand you and know who you are, it’s all the more likely that your name will be the one that comes to mind first when a new opportunity crosses their desk.

2) Provide more (honest) information

Don’t just hand over your CV. Giving your recruiter more information will enable them to better act on your behalf and work through potential objections raised by potential employers.

  • Discuss past roles that you’ve felt were a particularly good fit for you.
  • Tell them the kind of company you know brings out the best in you.
  • Just as important, be clear about the kind of company you don’t want to work for.

Make sure that you are honest throughout. From the words in every line of your CV to your comments on what you’re looking for in your new employer, you need to be truthful.

Otherwise, your recruiter will be looking for engineering or manufacturing jobs that aren’t what you really want.

3) Treat your first meeting like an interview

This gives you a chance to lay the groundwork on points one and two above. It also gives you the opportunity to show off what a great candidate you are going to be:

  • Do your research – on your recruitment company via their website. Just like you would when scoping out a new employer.
  • Spot tempting targets – you might even be able to spot a couple of positions that interest you right out of the gate.

In return for this effort, your recruiter will know that you can handle an interview situation. They will be more likely to put your name forward with confidence.

4) Keep in touch

The Ernest Gordon team – and probably most recruiters – would love to call every candidate we’re working with each week to see what’s new with them. Rarely are there enough hours in the day though.

This means it’s worth reaching out if anything about your job hunt changes. Just got a new qualification? No longer interested in certain positions? Let us know.

5) Work with an industry specialist

Most higher-tier recruiters focus on specific industries. This means they have in-depth knowledge of individual employers within it as well as the sector as a whole.

For example, Ernest Gordon is a specialist engineering and manufacturing recruitment agency. If you’re looking for roles in either of those fields, we’ve got the experience and knowledge you need.

If you’re looking for work in other industries, search for a recruiter that has matching expertise.

6) Use your recruiter’s expertise

That industry expertise can be put to great use on your behalf. Ask your recruiter for advice if they don’t offer it. Enquire about what they know about the person responsible for recruitment at a certain company – or what skills they think you should focus on in your application.

Your recruiter is there to get you the kind of job you want. Make sure that you do everything you can to properly inform them, stand out from the crowd, and use them as the resource they are.

Looking for a specialist manufacturing or engineering recruitment company?

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