6 jobs in cloud and software you may not have heard of

Cloud computing specialists are hugely in demand at the moment. If you’re looking to break into this sector, here are six jobs in cloud and software you may not have heard of.

Because it’s all very well being a cloud engineer or starting another cloud software developer job, but there is actually a wide variety of linked careers you might enjoy.

Let’s face it. Cloud computing is here to stay. It’s only going to grow. Could you start cornering an interesting niche that better fits your skills and preferences?

Cloud computing career requirements

Most jobs in cloud computing call for at least some knowledge of:

-Specific programming languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript

-Cloud computing technologies

-The major providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

-Analysis and data analysis

-Databases and their management

In the future, knowledge of AI and machine learning are also likely to enable you to go further in your cloud computing career.

6 jobs in cloud and software you may not have heard of

1) Cloud specialist

As a cloud specialist, it is your job to migrate companies to the cloud from whatever legacy system they were using previously.

You may need extensive knowledge of the available options and be able to analyse a business’s needs to create a bespoke combination of cloud services before executing the move.

Cloud specialists require a wide range of skills. These include awareness of the key cloud programming languages, cloud information security, and database management.

2) Cloud support engineer

When something goes wrong with their cloud-based systems, it’s their cloud support engineer that a business turns to.

In this role, you will assist a company – or companies, if you consult – in dealing with problems and issues arising with their cloud computing setup.

You may also train teams, meaning this role calls for good communication skills on top of the usual knowledge of the cloud.

3) Cloud security analyst

Many businesses use a combination of cloud and legacy systems without considering the data security risks this poses. As a cloud security analyst, it’s your job to assess these risks.

You may then act to fill gaps in a company’s cybersecurity or handle data breaches after the fact.

You’ll need cybersecurity training or qualifications for this job on top of extensive knowledge of cloud and software.

4) Cloud automation engineer

Cloud automation is one of the big coming things. More and more often, automation technology that’s on the cloud will be the go-to solution for many businesses.

As a cloud automation engineer, you are the go-to solution for businesses looking to make this their reality.

You’ll need extra knowledge of AI and machine learning for this job as these technologies are likely to play an ever-increasing role in automations of the future.

5) Cloud consultant

Similar to the role of cloud specialist, a cloud consultant uses their deep knowledge of cloud computing in general to determine the best cloud solutions for an individual business.

However, a cloud consultant will tend to be more focused on the business case for the migration. They will assess a company’s budget and other aspects as well as the technical side.

This means you will need qualifications in business management or administration in addition to your cloud computing experience.

6) Cloud data scientist

Data engineers can also skew their expertise towards dealing with cloud computing technologies.

The IoT (Internet of Things) generates a lot of data. Other systems with cloud infrastructure also create huge reams of information – “big data” as it’s often called.

All of this needs to be analysed and organised. As a cloud data scientist, that’s your job. You’ll likely need further training in data science and probably statistics too.

Find the right job in cloud and software

If you’re looking to make or continue your career in cloud and software, there’s a lot out there to choose from.

These jobs are well remunerated and often come with excellent benefit packages and flexible working environments. But where do you start looking?

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