5 things another IT recruitment agency might not tell you

Taking your first steps into the IT jobs markets? We’re here for you. There are some things an IT recruitment agency might not tell you if they don’t follow the kind of open and transparent process that we do.

We know it can feel like a jungle out there. But there are a few things to bear in mind if you want to get the best results, while also keeping a balanced outlook on the process of finding your ideal job:

Things a recruitment company might not be able to tell you

1) First impressions really count

First impressions count much more than most people like to think. Being generally nice or coming across as likeable can be a big point in your favour, especially for many low or entry-level IT jobs.

You might be flush with your fresh qualifications in data science or machine learning, for instance. But so are many other candidates. What can set the person that gets hired apart is that they made a good first impression. You will want to:

  • Always answer or quickly return phone calls

  • Be polite (hopefully this should go without saying) and friendly

  • Try to build a rapport with your interviewer (as they could soon be a close co-worker)

2) It isn’t personal

Getting any form of rejection can feel deeply personal. It looks like you had everything they asked for! Why didn’t they hire you?

Unfortunately, there may be hundreds of other people who are – on the surface – equally well qualified all applying for the same role.

Of course, working closely with a specialist IT recruitment company can help you sell your unique talents. It can also get you a clearer understanding of exactly what a given role will entail.

But in any case, don’t quit because you were rejected from one role. There is a lot out there – especially at the moment.

3) You should have led with what’s relevant

How you’ve set out your CV plays almost as large a role in whether or not you get invited to interview as the details in it.

1. Customise – your CV for each individual position. If you’re applying for a network engineer job, focus on your skills and experience in that area. Only include relevant experience.

2. Contacts – always include all of your contact details and place them front and centre.

3. Current and concise – start with your current role and work backwards. But don’t go too far. Two pages is the absolute maximum length for any CV.

4) Honesty is the best policy

You don’t gain anything if you’re not honest and open with the IT recruiter you’re working with. Part of their job is to advocate for you. Another is to find you the kind of position you say you want, matching:

1.Your chosen career – if you like a position and know this is what you want, say so. If you are sure you aren’t going to like this, don’t get trapped in a job that makes you unhappy (and that will impact the rest of your life). Speak up.

2. Your skills and experience – at some point, you will have to demonstrate the skills and experience you’ve mentioned in your CV. Be honest about these from the start if you want your recruiter to find you the best matching role.

3. Your other job searches – your recruiter won’t be upset if you’re applying for other positions. It actually might be a help to them, so do let them know.

5) There might be someone else

If you feel the company you’re applying for is taking its sweet time to confirm you in the role or before giving you an outright no, they might be waiting on a response from another candidate.

Again, it’s important to try not to take this personally. Remember – there could be hundreds of people applying for this software engineer job. Coming in a close second is very good!

It also means there’s still a good chance you’re going to be accepted. The other candidate might have some kind of genuine personal problem they need to deal with – or they may rule themselves out by dragging out their decision too long.

Whatever the situation you feel you’re in though, it’s important to reach out to your IT recruiter and talk about it. Be honest, be open, and they will be in return.

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